A College Girl’s Guide To Masturbation

I love to masturbate. I love to get completely naked and in my sheets and touch myself – my breasts, my downstairs erogenous zones and everywhere else. I know that every guy who just read that probably just creamed his pants, but sometimes a good masturbation session is better than a date with a guy. There are a lot of myths about girls who masturbate – some guys think we masturbate only when there is a full moon. Yet, the secret is that we masturbate when there is a full moon, half moon, sliver moon – and even when there is no moon at all. The truth is we don’t even think about the moon – we get just as horny as guys.

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Here is a college girl’s guide to masturbation…

First off, it’s totally okay to masturbate. It’s a natural phenomenon and we all do it. There is nothing wrong with it – in fact, you should look forward to it. You should be masturbating all the time. Some studies have shown that you can actually do better in school if you masturbate. Once you know that it’s okay, you can start exploring it a little more and realize all of its amazing benefits.

Next, as a college girl, you need to be a little discreet when it comes to your “alone time.” It can be really hard if you have a roommate or a dorm-mate. This is why you need a quiet vibrator. You need something that won’t make too much noise and won’t be hard to hide. When you hear your roommate snoring, you need to be able to pull out your vibrator and let your imagination take over.

When it comes to your orgasm or your moaning – let’s hope that you aren’t a screamer – you need to practice holding it in. It might be hard to do, especially if you have a vibrator, but it is necessary, and can actually make things really exciting. You don’t want to wake up your roommate and you certainly don’t want to wake up the RA at the end of the hall. So, I recommend biting the pillow while you cum. This way you can muffle your orgasmic moans, but still get to express how much pleasure you are getting.

Also, it is important to know what kind of vibrator you want. Do you want something small and compact? Or do you want something big and bulky – Both will get the job done. There are also insertable vibrators and non-insertable vibrators. Knowing which one will be the best is a question of trying them out first. Finding a dildo or vibrator that you like can be a revelatory experience. Remember, the right vibrator for you should be amazing – something you can use time and time again – something that you know will get you off every time. Penetration is obviously highly stimulating, but many women don’t experiment with clitoral stimulation until much later, if at all. Most toys are designed to stimulate one, the other, or both. If you don’t know what’s best for you, it’s time to start touching yourself.

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When it comes down to it, masturbation is a taboo subject – still, even in the 21st century. However, the more you can break down that barrier of masturbation and talk about it – explore it – you will realize it’s not so bad. Every college girl masturbates – and damn it feels so good.

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