How To Hookup With Boys Without Letting It Effect Your Grades

Hooking up with boys is fun, but only to a certain point. I mean, it can really start to affect your grades is you let your social life take over – because it can in college – but you let a boy consume your life you could spend another year or two in college. Let’s hope this never happens, because you are in college for a reason – and it’s not to hook up with boys all the time. I mean, you have to go to class once and a while. Luckily, there are few ways that can allow you to hook up with boys without letting it replace going to class as the number one priority.

Here are some ways to hook up with boys without letting it affect your grades…

First of all, the reason why daddy is paying for your college tuition and your rent is not so you can hang out with Brad, Ryan, Kevin or Blaze all day, but so you can actually graduate college and do something worthwhile with your life. So, one of the best ways to not let hanging out with guys with disrupt your grade point average is to not think of your parents while you are hooking up your special man friend, but to think about how mad they would be if he knew how much time you were spending with him. There could be a lot of consequences if your parents find out what you have really been doing.

Next, combine studying with hooking up. This is a sure fire way to keep your grades up and maintain your womanly needs. One of the best ways to do this is to play a stripping game. Every time you get an answer right on a mock quiz he can take off one item of clothing. The object of the game is to get all the questions right so that your man friend is totally naked. This is also a great way to study for quizzes, exams and even final papers, because every college girl knows how hard it can be to actually start studying. Procrastination is a college girl’s greatest flaw.

Another great way to hook up with boys without letting it affect your grades is to study in your down time. Even if you are taking a shower getting ready for a party you can bring your notes with you. Just put them in a paper protector so they don’t get wet. Also, when you are putting on your makeup – you can study for your anatomy quiz by putting the different body parts you have to memorize on your mirror: medulla oblongata – check…..uvula….check. The more creative you get, the more studying you will get done.

So, there you have it. The more you can combine hooking up with boys with your school responsibilities, the better you will do in your classes and you won’t feel so guilty about hooking up with boys. And remember, you must always go to classes – this is the number one way to not do well in school and to miss out on important assignments. Balancing boys with school is hard, but with enough practice you will get there.

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