5 Reasons Why Being Single is F’ing Amazing

Holy moly being single is amazing. Have you ever tried it? It’s like a breath of delicious fresh air. It’s like going to a new restaurant that is so damn good that you want to give it a million stars. Being single is like finding a new religion and then going to services bright and early every morning. Okay, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself, but where I’m going with this is that it is totally okay to be single once and a while. I sort of wrote this article with all the single ladies in mind, but then I started to think about all the ladies who just came out of a fresh break up. First of all, ouch. Second of all, it is totally okay, because being single is the best.

Here are 5 reasons why being single is f’ing amazing…

  • You can literally do whatever you want. No more do you have to call him when you get home from class, work, gym or wherever you go. You can do anything and be anywhere you want. No more inquisitive – slightly jealous – emails, texts or phone calls. All the shackles are off – you are a free woman.
  • Speaking of doing whatever you want, whenever you want – instead of spending the day at home with him doing nothing, but making him guacamole and watching his friends play video games, you can now do all the thing you like to do. Finally, you can sign up for yoga, go on a trip or just go to dinner for the hell of it – totally alone.
  • You can date whomever you want. You can date as many guys as you want. The next time a cute boy asks you out to coffee you don’t need to tell him that you are taken, but you can flash your cute little smile and respond with, “When?”
  • Relationship status: single – and loving it. Now that you are not in a relationship you can post whatever you want on your social media account. You can post pictures of you at a party – salacious or tame, there will be no one to judge or to grill you. You can also say what you want, when you want. With being singles comes total freedom on your social media accounts.
  • Just like you have more freedom online, now you don’t have to check someone else’s social media account. You don’t have to be worried about where he is if he doesn’t come home or doesn’t answer his phone. In the past you furiously checked his account, but now none of that matters.

In conclusion, congrats to all the newly single ladies and to all the ladies that have been single for a while, be sure to hang tough. Single life can be amazing if you just let it be amazing. Realize that the chains are off and you are free to be as beautiful and open as you want to be.

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