A Few Things To Think About Before You Move In With Your Man

When you are in college, you have to make a lot of decisions – perhaps some decisions will be harder than others. When it comes to your significant other, these decisions will feel like life and death – yes it’s that serious. When it comes to moving in with your boyfriend, you have to take a lot into consideration, like whether or not you might wind up in a mental institution after living with him for a couple of months.

Here are a few things to think about before you move in with your boyfriend…

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  • Is he messy? If your man is messy it might be a sign that you should not move in together, especially if you are a clean freak. He might be able to change, but more often than not, past behavior will definitely dictate future behavior. Unless you want to live in a hovel, you should probably tell him that you aren’t ready until he learns how to clean.
  • Does he stay out until the middle of the night with his friends? Imagine it: you are ready to go to bed at around midnight and he is nowhere to be found – you know he is out with his friends, but wouldn’t he call or text to let you know when he’s coming home?
  • Does he ask to borrow money all the time? This is a sign that you might be paying for rent and deposit and the bills and groceries – the list is endless. If you don’t want to be faced with all of your boyfriend’s financial burden, you should probably tell him that you aren’t ready to move in with him, but if he gets a steady paying job you might think about it.
  • Does he get angry after you come home with your girlfriends and pout about it? You don’t want to end up being emotionally manipulated by your boyfriend. Your life is your life and anything you do in your life is your business – not your boyfriend’s. So make sure that he is emotionally ready for the commitment of moving in.
  • Did he just get out of a relationship where he was living with his girlfriend? If he is fresh out of a relationship, he is probably not even close to being ready to move in with you. You should definitely keep it slow and then see what happens – a year is usually a good amount of time, because you want to see if it works out first.

When it comes to moving in with a guy, you have to know that you are ready for the commitment, but you also have to know if he is ready too. He might be and you will live happily every after together, but if he is not ready it could eventually turn into a serious nightmare.

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