College Dating Lessons That Shouldn’t Be Learned The Hard Way

What does your relationship status say on your social network – single or in a relationship? In college, dating can be one of the hardest things to do – being in a relationship can be harder than some of your most complicated classes. You would probably rather go to an advanced mathematical theory class than deal with your boyfriend’s issues. It is important to remember, however, that you are in college and this a time to set your priorities straight. You don’t want to mess up your whole life for some relationship drama from your mama’s boy.

Here are some college dating lessons that you shouldn’t learn the hard way…

  • Take advantage of opportunities. It’s way too easy to say “no” to that amazing internship in Europe because you have a “boyfriend” you need to stick by. But could you actually be giving up your entire future? When are you going to put yourself first? If some amazing opportunity comes up, don’t squander it by turning it down based on the fact that you have a boyfriend. He would probably ditch you in a second for his dreams.

  • Don’t spend too much time with your boyfriend because you will end up losing your friends. In college your friends are all you have. Also, friends last forever – boyfriends might not. What will you do when he breaks up with you and you have no one to turn to? Exactly. So make time for friends – weekly.
  • Call it off before the summer break. Chances are that you live in completely different cities and you will be spending 3 months apart this summer. If you don’t want to deal with the confusion and the heartbreak of one person possibly cheating on the other person, you should call it quits and see what happens when you get back to school – chances are that you will be two completely different people.
  • Don’t register for classes with your lover. This is a recipe for disaster. Here is what will undoubtedly happen: you will be insanely in love for a few months and then you will realize that you are in college – hello – and there aren’t just another fish in the sea, there are mermen and mermaids everywhere looking for a good time. Why would you need a boyfriend? If you don’t want to deal with the awkwardness it is probably smart to keep your class schedules separate.
  • Lastly, be sure not to let your boyfriend come over all the time. This is a surefire way to piss off your real roommate. Also, you will start to get really sick of him if he just shows up all the time and tries to spend the night. If you live in the dorms, you might get sick of sneaking him in. So, be sure to keep your living arrangements totally separate.

There you have it – if you don’t want to get your heart broken, become confused or lose all your friends and maybe an opportunity or two, be sure to put your relationship in perspective – you will thank yourself later.

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