Best Places To Have Sex On Campus

Campus sex can be both fun and a little dangerous. In fact, if you get caught you could get in serious trouble. I mean, even in the real world you could probably get arrested or something for having sex in “public.” Yet, it can be pretty hot sometimes to spice it up by getting it on in a number of places on campus. Almost every college has at least one or two spots to do the dirty – some of them are a little dirtier than others.

Here are some of my favorite places to have sex on campus…

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  • The library. In most colleges, the library is actually open to students all day long. All you need is your college ID to swipe through the key slot. Once inside, you also have floors and floors of bookshelves to hide behind. If there are students around, you can also sneak into one of the many conference or study rooms. If you really want to get a little dangerous, you could go down on him under a table a few rows down from a few college freshmen.

  • The labs. Chances are that your college is full of research laboratories. These places can be great for boning down, purely for the novelty aspect of it all. The thing is that college alumni who find high-paying jobs after they graduate love to buy their alma mater laboratory buildings just to see their names on them, but many of these buildings are totally empty.
  • The pond or garden. Sometimes people who graduate from college end up with only a decent paying job, so all they can afford to put their name on is a stupid pond or garden. These places can be great for getting off because they can usually obscure the view of any prying eyes. In addition, the sound of the fountain might drown out the sounds of the moaning.
  • The quad. This can be one of the most thrilling places to make love, because it is often the most populated areas in the entire college. If you don’t want to deal with the insane rush of people and don’t want to get caught, you should definitely wait until the evening when it is slightly dark and you can duck behind a tree.
  • Dorm roofs. This can be a really fun place to make love, because you probably won’t run into too many people up there and on a warm, sunny summer day it can be really romantic. Just grab some sleeping bags and maybe a tent, because it can get ridiculously hot up there.

When it comes to public sex in college, your university campus has tons of places to get it on, but make sure that there aren’t too many people around. The whole idea behind getting it on in public is not getting caught.

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