How To Help Your Man With Finals Stress

Finals are either in the full swing or almost over, but no matter what – finals are incredibly stressful. If you have a special man in your life there are a number of things you can do to ease his finals stress – that’s what girlfriends are for right? All you’ll need is some talent in the kitchen, a caring nature, some sexy lingerie and the ability to spend some time on your knees – if you know what I mean.

Here are some ways to help your man with finals stress…

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  • Bake him some cookies or some other kind of treat. There is no better girlfriend thing to do while your boyfriend is stressed out than to bake him some delicious chocolate chip cookies or his favorite cake. When it comes to stress, there is no better way to alleviate it than with some sugary, homemade treats. So whip opens those cookbooks ladies – it’s time to get domestic.

  • Grab some lingerie and do a sexy lap dance. There is no better way to get his mind away – if only for a moment – from the stress of finals than to do a sexy little dance. With the lingerie and your body all over his, he might not be able to contain himself. Too bad he has to go back to studying, but for every chapter he finishes you could give him another dance – how’s that for positive reinforcement?
  • Put on a sexy maid costume and then clean up his apartment and cater to his every need. There is not better way to be a devoted girlfriend than to devote yourself to his every need. Wear a sexy maid costume and get him anything he asks for and he’ll love you forever.
  • Watch a comedy movie with him. Chances are that your boyfriend has a favorite comedy movie – why not skip everything and prepare some popcorn and then plop on the couch with him. At least in those three hours he won’t be thinking of his dreaded finals, because he’ll have you next to him.
  • Cook him his favorite meal. Here is another domestic one, but there is a good chance that your boyfriend has a favorite comfort meal. Just after he spent a day in the library fretting about the upcoming test or exam, why not surprise him with some fried chicken or in the morning before the test, make him some bacon and eggs.

As a college girl, you’ve got to be willing to do anything for your man, especially if he is willing to go to bat for you. If he is stressing out about finals, you now know exactly what to do. Eventually he’ll return the favor and you’ll appreciate it just as much.

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