Top 5 Physical Deal Breakers For Men

Women are beautiful creatures, but only up until a certain point. There are few things about women – specifically in a physical capacity – that makes men go NO NO! Here are certain traits that’ll have men running straight for the hills, not the altar.

Here are the top 5 physical deal breakers for men…

1. Big noses. Men don’t care if you told a lie in your past life and now you have to live with that giant schnoz, but big noses are a big deal breaker in mens book. For men, a big nose really can throw things off on the whole face. A girl can be really beautiful, except for her giant nose and that is really unfortunate.

2. Big hands. Big-handed women freak guys out. There are usually two types of big-handed women: the generally large, disproportionately sized hands and the hands with chubby fingers and thumbs. There is a big reason why big hands are a deal breaker: Men don’t want it to look like a dude giving them a hand job.

3. Unsightly moles. Guys can’t stand when a girl tells them that her hairy gross mole is a beauty mark. If that’s a beauty mark than guys asshole is the prettiest star in the sky. The only time that a mole works is if the chick is major 10 and she has a little one by her lip.

4. Deep voice. Men can’t stand when they go to talk to a girl and her voice sounds like she has been smoking menthol cigarettes for 40 years. If a guy goes up to a girl, he wants to hear a nice sweet voice, not what your cellmate would sound like in a Southern penitentiary.

5. Also, men can’t stand too wide of a jaw. It just looks too manly. It’s like when you were a zygote and your cells couldn’t tell whether or not to go man or woman, and then at the last minute chose a woman, but left a few genes for your daddy’s jaw line. Men don’t date chicks with manly faces. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it.

At the end of the day, would you date a deep voiced, mole covered woman with large hands, a big nose and a man’s jaw? You probably wouldn’t – our point exactly. Beauty isn’t skin deep, it’s actually genetic. Ugly chicks need not apply.

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