Why Guys With Tattoos Are Hot

You’ve seen them on the quad with their shirts off – tanning, playing football or just being generally out-of-this-world hot. These are, of course, guys with tattoos. In the old days guys with tattoos were seen as too bad for society and that is because they kind of were. In the old days it was only sailors that would get tattoos. Nowadays, college boys that go to your school are all tatted up and looking fine as hell. But why are they so hot? – it goes beyond the tattoo.

Here are some reasons why the guy with tattoos is so hot…

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  • He is a risk taker. It takes a lot of guts not only to get a tattoo, but also to sleeve your arm with them. That means that if you date the guy with tattoos you will be going on a lot of incredibly fun adventures. There won’t be a boring day in your relationship. Remember, though, to know your boundaries – don’t do anything you don’t want to do.
  • They aren’t afraid of a little pain. This doesn’t mean they get hurt all the time, but they are open to feeling vulnerable and exploring what is hurting them. Guys with tattoos are, in fact, actually quite sensitive – despite the fact that they had to go through the process of getting a painful tattoo. So you don’t have to worry about him holding things inside.
  • Guys with tattoos are sentimental. Duh, the only way you are going to really remember an important moment in your life is by having it tattooed on forever. I don’t recommend you get matching name tattoos, but there is no doubt that he looks at his tattoos like mementos. That means that all those amazing moments with him, he will cherish more.
  • Hot guys with tattoos are more interesting. If you think about it, he has to have some kind of visual reference for all those tattoos – so he probably likes art, music and other cultural things. If you are the kind of college girl that doesn’t like to go to museums or the opera – this might be your chance to get a little more cultural.
  • These guys also care about their bodies and, more than that, they care about their health. This means that they will be eating well, living well, and treating you really well too. There is nothing like a guy that likes to tone their bod – they have to show off those tattoos sometimes, especially in the summer.

Besides the fact most hot guys with tattoos look amazing and are incredible in bed, they are beyond just a good one night score for a college girl. Hot guys with tattoo are actually great boyfriend material. Yet, introducing them to your parents is a whole other challenge – good luck.

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