Sex Toys College Girls Will Love

As a college girl a few things become a part of your regular life: boredom from when you are done studying, nosy roommates and weeks long sexual dry spells. It can be really tough to be a college girl sometimes – you tell yourself that once you get your diploma it will all be worth it, but it seems like time moves so slowly. However, as a college girl, I’ve found a few things that can make time move a little faster and that is a good old trusty vibrator. When it come to choosing a sex toy that is perfect for college girls you have to make sure you choose something that is discreet, quiet and affordable.

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Here are some sex toys college girls will love.

  • Fingo Nubby Finger Vibrator. This vibrator is absolutely perfect for college girls, because it’s so small and so easy to use. What’s so unique about this toy is that it fits right around the finger so that you can slip under those covers for a study break you won’t forget. The vibrator is also affordable and you can take it in the bath or shower if you want a little privacy from your roommate. Speaking of roommates, this vibrator will hide perfectly in your dorm room and far away from prying eyes.
  • Adam & Eve Clit Dancer Waterproof Mini-Massager. This is another great, small and indiscreet vibrator that any college girl will love. The greatest part about this vibrator is that it has so many different sensations. Basically, you get 4 different caps that you can easily put on this vibrator that each offer a different erotic pleasure – or you can go with no cap at all. The vibrator will also fit perfectly in your purse and won’t raise suspicions if someone (your roommate) opens the drawer looking for late night condoms. You can also use this vibrator in the bath or shower too.
  • A&E Vibrating Silver Bullet 2.0. This is another sex toy that college girls will love, because it is both silent and has a remote, so it also makes a great toy to use during foreplay with your lover. This is the second version of Adam & Eve’s vibrating silver bullet, but this one has a much more powerful motor to offer some incredibly orgasmic pleasure. Another great part about this sex toy is that it is really easy to use and hides away so know one knows your dirty little secret.

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For any college girl looking to beat that that in-between classes boredom or sexual dry spell, try out one of the above sex toys that are perfect for college girls. When it comes to having a little “you time” you’ll need something that won’t be too noticeable and won’t rumble throughout the dorms. At the end of the day, these toys are also great for a little erotic action with your boy toy too. Remember, though, to keep it portable and discreet.

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