How much Sex are College Students Having

There are a lot of rumors and myths that college students are having sex all the time – all day long. All you hear your whole life is that college is a time for sexual exploration. Not only that, but everyone’s wildest sexcapades always happened in college. But how much of all this is true? In fact, a lot is true. College students are only going to school to get their degree and secure a future for themselves, but they are also going to college to get it on. A recent study was released that took a poll of college students and here are the results.

  • Sex on the regular. In the study not one participant said that they haven’t had sex in college. Over 30% said that they have sex multiple times a week and around 10% said that they had sex multiple times in one day, with multiple partners. About 20%, though, said that they only have sex a couple times a month.
  • Another surprising thing about the study is that about 40% of college students were in a serious relationship. Another 40% were in a “friends with benefits” situation. The rest said that they are free agents.
  • Out of all the sexual positions that wild college girls love, cowgirl came out on top at the most popular. Next up was boring old missionary position and then in last place was doggy style. Perhaps doggy style is a little more demeaning for college girls.
  • Also, unfortunately for you smaller college guys – studies show that size matters. A whopping 83% of college girls said that size definitely matters. Not necessarily how long, but how wide. It seems that the circumference of the penis is more preferable around an inch and a half to two inches to anything else.
  • Don’t kiss and tell. Surprisingly, college students aren’t really bragging about their sex lives. In fact, only 65% say that they don’t really tell anyone about their sexual exploits, whereas 20% say that they tell people all the time via text, social networking and to their friends. Only about 10% are adamant about never, ever telling anyone.

So, there you have it! Us college students are really, really sexually active. I guess that college is a time to get a valuable education and a carnal education too. Studies also show that the sexual moves that people learn in college – the ones that work – are used through people’s entire lives.

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