The Various No No’s On College Sex Party for College Girls

When you’re in college there are usually too many college sex parties to count. There are a number of added benefits of going to parties – at least 3 or 4 a night. One of those benefits is hooking up with hot guys.  The more parties you go to, the bigger your chances of actually going back to the dorm or your apartment with one. Dorms can be a little tragic. And just like anywhere in life, there are a lot of things that are totally acceptable at a college sex party and other things that are totally not. Generally, you want to be on a level 8 or 9 on the acceptable scale – otherwise you are probably going home empty handed.

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Here are a few college sex party no no’s for you college girls out there.

Don’t wear too short of a skirt or else you will look like a slut. Your shirt should not be able to show any part of you underwear without you having to bend over or do anything. You want it to be somewhere around your knees – or if you are feeling a little sexy, a little shorter than that. And never wear a jean skirt.

Don’t wear too much perfume. You don’t want to stand out that much. Most parties are in close quarters. Choking people with your cheap perfume will make everyone remember you as that terrible person at the party who made the whole place stink. If you do use perfume, only use a little and sparingly.

Never wear sweatpants to the college sex party. Even though you’ve been studying all day, you don’t want to go to the party looking like it. The sweatpants look is not attractive. In fact, you should never leave the house wearing sweatpants. It just shows a lack of initiative and no guy will take you home if you are wearing a pair of sweatpants.

Don’t be annoying. Everyone knows the loud, annoying girl at the party and everyone wishes that she wasn’t invited. If you are that girl, please keep your volume down and your energy level down. It is not sexy if you look like an over excited Chihuahua. You want to keep calm, collected and a little bit mysterious. You want guys to come up to you and wonder why you’re so quiet. You don’t want to destroy everyone’s eardrums every time one of your friends walks through the door.

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In the end, knowing the do’s and don’ts and the proper college parties’ etiquette will give you a greater chance of possibly meeting a guy. And you never want to be asked to leave. Once you are “that girl” – you are that girl forever.

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