Woman Should Always Choose Place On First Date

Finding the best place to go on a date should be the guy’s job, but what if the guy totally sucks at choosing a date place? What if you like a little more excitement in your dates? Dating as a college girl in the 21st Century can be hard. Traditions from the 20th Century still carries over into this century. Some people can have judgments if you suggest the place to go on a date, but the best thing you can do is to stand up and demand that you choose place. Grabbing on to your rights as a woman to choose will show your date and the people around you that women are strong, sexy and interesting.

Here are a few date ideas that will make for a perfect first date…

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1. Museums make great first dates because they are generally pretty crowded, so it gets rid of the awkwardness of the whole one on one thing. They are also culturally stimulating. Stimulating your mind and body on a first date will build a lasting impression if you want to possibly keep the relationship going.

2. Another fun, but definitely not orthodox first date is to visit an animal shelter or an old folks home. This is a great first date idea for a young woman to show her date that she cares about animals and people. It’s also a great test to see if your date is on your level.

3. And a fun first date idea – especially for a couple that has been set up or knows that they are both sporty types – is to go play tennis, racket ball or if you want to mix it up and make it old school, is handball. If your date is the sporty type this is the perfect test.

So if you are a college girl trying to be a woman in the 21st century, perhaps the best way to assert your assertiveness is to choose the date place when your guy asks where you want to go. You should have the answers right away and remember to be assertive.

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