How Do You Know If You Are In Love?

Love hurts so good. So good you just let it go on tearing up your heart.  But why – is that really love? And what is love in the first place? You’ve been in love before – it can one of the most wonderful experiences in the world. You feel lethargic like a cat in the sun and all you want to do is bask in your lover’s lips and kisses.

Most people say that love cannot be described and that it exists outside of the normal functions of the way humans operate. But scientists say that love is actually a biological mechanism much like hunger or thirst. They separate it into three stages: lust, attraction, and attachment. We’ve all been there before – we desire the person so much, we fall for them and then can’t peel ourselves away.

But how do you know you’re in love and how do you know he’s in love with you. A simple confession will do, but is that enough? How do you describe the feeling and how do you know it’s real?

The answer is simple: you just know it’s real. You can’t second-guess yourself. You just have an intuitive feeling. It’s inside your skin, bones, teeth – love just overtakes you. You’ll know you’re in love when you wait by the phone or the window for them to come home. You see, their name in your phone when they call or text and fall back into yourself with ecstasy. It’s an indescribable warmness in your heart that feels like a cross between hot coals and a weight.

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And you’ll know he is in love with you by his eyes and the way your eyes meet his. He’ll start doing things for you – little things – like buy you presents or go out of the way for you because he knows it makes you happy and that makes him happy. Love is a reciprocal sharing of give and take responsibilities.

In my opinion, you can’t learn how to love – you just love, because it’s one of the most important parts of being alive.

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