Interracial Love

Black guys, white guys, tall guys, short guys, bald guys, and guys with long hair – guys comes in all shapes and sizes.  Unfortunately our perception and tolerance is usually only one size: small.  Why in the 21st century is it still weird for a white girl to date a black guy? Why is the color of our skin or the way we look so important?

It’s been proven time and time again that the more different races fall in love and have babies the stronger the human race will be.  Also, what they say about “going black and never coming back” might be true. I dated a black guy for a couple of months and it was the best sex I’ve had in a while. They just no how to move – sorry white guys – you have your own charm too.

And if there is one thing I’ve learned as good little college girl is that diversifying the gene pool is will not only make the human race better and stronger, but it will also make cuter babies and hotter humans. Perhaps I’m too superficial myself but who wouldn’t want to live in a world with a bunch of beautiful exotic people with gorgeous eyes and beautiful skin.  This is what diversifying will do and not the other way around. An all one-race society goes against everything we were biologically designed to accomplish.

Anyways, I’m sorry to nerd out, but its true.  I’ve also dated an Asian guy and he was one of the smartest guys I’ve known. With my looks and his brains we’d probably have gorgeous, brilliant baby geniuses.

Interracial relationships are a hot topic and they always will be. I’m not sure why in this day in age, but it is.  Learning to accept everybody for who they are is one of the most important lessons to learn in life, because you never know…they might be amazing in bed.

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