Getting Over Your Broken Heart

I know from experience that a broken heart can be extremely difficult to get through, especially when you’re in college. Almost every girl has a met a man that they thought was “the one”, and it seemed like nothing was going to stop that from happening. That moment when it all falls apart is certainly the worst, but it can seem to take forever to get past and move on to the next man. Here are a few ideas to help you get through the tough part of your break up. Remember, I’ve learned these from experience, so feel free to share your own.

Don’t Stay Home

Locking yourself indoors and moping around like it’s the end of your life isn’t going to help make things any better. In fact, it may only make things worse than they are now. Make sure to get out as much as possible. Even though your boyfriend may not want you anymore, it’s important to remember that your friends do in fact want you around, and they’ll be very discouraged about how important they are to you if you abandon them in your time of need. Get outside and try to enjoy yourself. Faking happiness can actually help make you happy.

Ditch His Facebook

Knowing what he’s doing and how he feels isn’t going to help you any, especially if it’s something you don’t want to hear. You’re certainly welcome to add him when the pain subsides, but for now, try and let him go. If you want to take it a step further, stop playing on Facebook yourself. Who knows, you may find that he wants to know what you’re doing and it may spark up something new.

Stay Single

The worst part about a break up is that you’re actually alone most of the time, which can get emotionally painful and make you feel terrible when no one else is around. Hooking up with other guys in the attempt to find a new man is only going to make your situation worse. Of course I want you to go out and get some, but make sure not to use it as a way of getting over him. Only time is going to heal your pain, not other men. Enjoy the time with your friends and you’ll find yourself happily looking for a new crush soon enough.


Exercise naturally makes us happy and helps takes our mind off of things, including the stress of college. Hit up the school gym a few times a week and you’ll have the perfect distraction from what is ailing you nearly every morning. Plus, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself and how you look, and the new boys will certainly notice when you’re ready for them.

Ease up on Drinking

Alcohol is going to make you do things that you don’t want to do, like drunk dial or drunk text him telling him how you feel. Dodging the liquor for a couple of weeks doesn’t take away your right to have fun, but it will save you doing something that you’ll regret in the morning.

Like I’ve said, I only know these strategies from experience, and I don’t expect them to work for everyone. I encourage other college girls to share their tips so we can get back to the keg stands and hot guys.

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