How To Get Rid Of The Annoying Ex

Ladies, I know you’ve all had this problem at one time in your life. You’ve realized that you’re at the end of a relationship, which was at one point a great time. It’s nothing new and it happens all of the time. So when it comes time to end it, you really think that your man is going to admit the same thing. Out of nowhere, he’s completely blown away and goes into crazy mode. And so begins what could be an adventure that will last you several months. You try to be friends with your ex and make things work, but for some reason he just won’t let up. He has to be invited everywhere you go. If you’re hanging out with other guys and he’s not around, he’s going to text you relentlessly. It’s time to help him ease his pain by following a few simple tips that could save you a lot of trouble that I’ve already been through.

Here are a few tips on how to get rid of the annoying ex…

Do NOT Sleep With Him

No matter how great the sex was, and no matter how much you need to get some, do not sleep with your ex. While you might look at it as just sex, an annoying ex that still has hope for what you had is only going to get his hopes higher when you give it up to him, which is going to result in even more annoyances. Keep it friendly, and talk to him whenever you feel like it, but do not let him get in your pants at all.

Give Him a Warning

Don’t let him be caught off guard by the fact that you’re out with another guy. No, it’s none of his business, but him being shocked by the fact that you’ve moved on (which is annoying in itself) is only going to stir the pot more than it’s already been stirred. Let him down easy with a “Just so you know…” text message. He’s not going to like it either way, but if he knows about it, it could ease the pressure from him a little bit.

Keep it Off of Facebook

Congratulations, you’re single. And while you may be completely excited about the fact that you’ve got the nuisance out of your life, if he’s hurting, bragging about it isn’t going to make your after effects any easier. Plain and simple, you need to keep the bragging that you want to do between you and your closest friends. Embarassing him, whether directly or indirectly, on your Facebook page is going to have you flooded with text messages from him that go something along the lines of “How could you!”. Change your status and delete the activity from your timeline. Doing it quietly has been just as effective as making noise about it, and it’ll save you a world of trouble.

Remember that the easier you go on him, the easier things will be after you’re done with the relationship. While you might be ecstatic to break up with him, and couldn’t care less about his emotions, being able to let him keep a little bit of his pride is going to prevent you from having to deal with his drunk texts, and random calls saying “I still love you!”, which could inevitably ruin your social life until he’s over it.

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