Facts And Tips In Dorm Parties – How To Throw A Great Dorm Party

When you want to throw a dorm party, but all you’ve got is your dorm room to host something, it’s important to realize that hope isn’t lost. Everyone knows that frat parties are whack and no one wants to be stuck in a disgusting basement with trashy guys all over the place. So when you finally decide to throw a college dorm party, you’ve already taken a step in the right direction. Unfortunately, the size of your dorm is going to make things a little bit cramped, so take into account some of these tips before you throw down in your 8×12 room.

Stick to Liquor

One can of beer isn’t going to take up a lot of room, but a few thirty packs sure will. If campus patrol decides to do a check on your room, you’re going to have a hard time hiding all of the aluminum. Stick to two or three large bottles of liquor and some soda for a mixer. You don’t need to hide the soda, and keeping liquor tucked away when the drinks aren’t being poured is a breeze. While you’re pretty much screwed if campus police decide to check you out, the more gullible ones will have a hard time finding your bottles of Goldschlager.

Keep it Small

Having more than 10 people at your dorm party is a disaster waiting to happen. Let’s face it, things are cramped up as it is. Keep your party intimate, and make sure to only invite the folks who aren’t going to tell everyone else about your fling. Leave the noisy folks out of it as well if you’ve got a stingy RA who doesn’t tolerate the slightest bit of noise in a dorm room. Chatter is one thing, yelling is another.

Even Number of Guys and Girls

A well balanced party is going to make things more enjoyable for everyone. While guys might use the term “sausage party” or “sword fight” a little more often, women don’t enjoy it when there’s only one guy to get a piece of when the night is over. Keep the numbers even, and the only ones going home by themselves are the ones who probably shouldn’t have been there in the first place.

Keep it off of Facebook

College dorm parties could easily get out of hand if you sit there and post on Facebook that you’re in the middle of a dorm party in your own room that’s simply “cray”. Tell everyone about it tomorrow rather than while it’s happening, or you could find yourself with jealous friends who would rather be where the party is at. Bragging about your party is a sure fire way for it to get much bigger than you anticipated, which obviously leads to campus police shutting you down faster than the townie meth lab.

Knowing how to throw a college dorm party is a delicate balance of how to have fun, and how to keep it so the night doesn’t end with someone in handcuffs. Remember, since you’re the host, if something bad happens it’s all going to be on you, so make sure that you’ve got control of what’s going on at all times. Keep the liquor going and don’t stop drinking until someone hurls, but at the same time, make sure you don’t invite the herd that you’re going to have to babysit all night.

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