Indoor Frat House Pool Party

My brothers and i wanted to throw a party that wouldn’t soon be forgotten. We went down to Walmart and bought a few of those larger blow-up swimming pools, and threw a Hawaiian themed bash at the house. I mean c’mon. Whos is going to pass up the chance to see hot sorority girls in bikinis and coconut bras??

Well, the party didn’t exactly go to plan. We connected a hose from all the taps in the house, and used that to fill up the pools. We used hot water, thinking it would cool down and at least be warm. That didn’t quite work out. By the time they were actually filled, the pools were close to freezing, and were only about half filled by the time the party started. That did end up being a bit of a plus, though, since whenwe all got trashed and decided to go ‘swimming’, we discovered that a pool meant for eight people actually fit fifteen! (Well, ten frat guys and a bunchof chicks sitting in our laps.) Which resulted in most of the cold water flow out and over the top of the pool, onto the floor, and all over the rug.

Then we thought it would be a funny idea to throw some of the prudish girls into the pool. That went over like a lead ballon – especially when they had their cell phones in their pockets.

Yeah, and we forgot to put tarps down under the pools. Wer rugs really stink after a while. But, we’ve still got the inflatable pools, so I’m thinking next time, foam party!!

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