What If Your Best Friend Hates Your New Boyfriend

You’ve picked your new boyfriend for a reason. Something about him is triggering a spark inside you that gets you going every time you see him. You want to see your new man at the end of every day. It seems like nothing can tear you apart the way things are going. Nothing, except the fact that your best friend hates your new boyfriend. It’s impossible to please everyone, but having your best friend hate the new guy in your life can be detrimental to either relationship. We’re here to tell you that you may be able to work through this, if you play your cards right.

Here’s what to do if your best friend hates your new boyfriend…

Seek the Help of Your Boyfriend

New College Boyfriend, College Best Friend, College Relationship, College Dating, New Guy, New Boyfriend, Best Friend Hates New Boyfriend, best friend, Hates New Boyfriend, Best Pal, Mutual understanding, How To, HowtoIt’s more than likely that your new boyfriend doesn’t hate your best friend, but it certainly doesn’t feel good to him. He’s also likely to realize that you’d take your best friend over a new fling any day, so when it comes to keeping them at peace with each other, you’ve got to turn to him for action. Your best friend isn’t going to, and shouldn’t have to change their ways for your new man. However, the boyfriend might just be willing to do as you ask, provided you don’t ask him to change as a person. Having him lay low while you try to hang out with your best friend and iron things out could give you the upper hand in what seems like a losing battle.

Get the Scoop

If your best friend is going to hate on your boyfriend, he or she better have a good reason for doing so. “Just because”, or “There’s something about him”, are not sufficient answers in what could be a real mess if the problem is worked out. You need full detail as to why they don’t like your boyfriend, and not telling you isn’t very becoming of a best friend. If you have to, be relentless about getting the details. Your best friend has gotten mad at you before, why should now be any different? Any anger that comes of finding out the details will pass.

Let Your Best Friend Know

Your best pal can hate your boyfriend all they want. If you don’t communicate to them what he does for you, then you’re never going to change anything. Hopefully by now, you’ve figured out what irks your best friend. If your best friend as any sort of humility, they’ll realize that, obviously, your new man makes you happy. Explaining why can go a long way and possibly shift your best friends thoughts.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Once you’ve got the previous points worked out a bit, it’s time to integrate. Slowly present situations where there are lots of mutual friends hanging out, including your boyfriend. An intimate night with just the three of you is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. You’ve done all you can and it’s time to let nature run its course. Keep up the big hang out groups for a bit, eventually, they’ll figure out their difference and be able to come to a happy medium with each other.

If all else fails, you have a decision to make. Not the way you wanted it to go, but there ARE plenty of fish in the sea besides your boyfriend. Just make sure you pick the right person. Not doing so could leave you alone and friendless at the same time.

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