Hot College Girls Boyfriend Is Jealous All The Time

At some point, you may have strived to make your new boyfriend a little bit jealous. After all, jealousy is the best tactic for getting the attention of the dude at the bar you’ve been staring at all night. But if you’ve been with the guy for a while, you may find yourself getting a little peeved at his jealousy. It may seem like when you even look at a guy, there’s your jealous boyfriend standing right over your shoulder watching your every move.

When you have a man who is jealous all the time, there’s a few ways to help relieve the issue and restore his confidence in you…

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Shoot Him a Text

When you’re out with a group of friends, and he’s not included for whatever reason, a quick text is going to go a long way. He knows how much you use your phone, and you know that your phone habit doesn’t change very often. Send him a message, even if it’s a little bit of a lie, saying you’d rather be home with him. Just because you’re not around, doesn’t mean he’s not jealous. If he texts you while you’re out, a quick response won’t hurt.

Hold His Hand

When you begin to see your jealous boyfriend come around when you’re out together, do yourselves both a favor and squeeze his hand. He may feel threatened by the man you’re interacting with. A jealous boyfriend is just like you go to him asking “Do you think she’s hotter than me?”. While he probably should have a little more confidence than you, a man’s jealousy is easy to get rid of. You don’t need to tell a guy a thing. Just grab his hand, give it a good squeeze, and you’re good to go, hopefully for at least another ten minutes anyway.

Give Him a Night of Just You

While you may want your night alone with your man, he may want the same when you’ve found yourself a little busier than usual. You know that he’s done the same for you, so it’s not a terrible thing to return the favor. Don’t let him get to used to it though. If you do, you could find yourself with a more jealous boyfriend than you had before.

Threaten Him

We’re trying to be sympathetic to his feelings with this one, but sometimes you’ve just got to put the hammer down. That jealousy act can get extremely frustrating regardless of who’s dishing out the jealousy. Remind him that he signed up for this with you, and if he doesn’t have the confidence in you, then you should probably part ways. If he’s jealous, he’ll certainly back off. This won’t necessarily ditch the problem, but he won’t be jealous around you anymore. Eventually, his jealousy will wear off.

Dump Him

The last resort has to be the worst one. Eventually, a jealous boyfriend is going to wear on your nerves and your happiness. Being jealous every now and then is one thing, but being jealous all the time is going to take the excitement out of why you’re dating him in the first place. When the jealousy doesn’t go away, it’s simply time to consider an alternative, or a single life. Either way, you’ll be happier than you were beforehe’ll still be jealous, but an ex.

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