College Girl’s Dorm Party

When you’re a freshman in college, it can be tough to get the girl’s attention and convince them to come to your dorm party. With fraternities throwing regular ragers, the college girls quickly find out where to go and where to have the best time possible. So when you want to throw a kicking college girl dorm party that is guaranteed to blow away the women at your school, you’ve got to make sure you do it right the first time.

Here are a couple of dorm party ideas to make sure that you get the wild college girls begging for you to throw another party…

Not Just Beer, Liquor

dorm, dorm party, college girl, college dorm party,college dorm party,college girl,dorm partyCollege girls hate beerHATE BEER. Nothing turns them off more than a guy who only buys a 30-pack of Milwaukee’s Best and hopes that they’ll hang around for more. When you want the girls to come, you need to get the girly drinks. Flavored vodkas and sweet cheap wines are the inexpensive and proper way to make your dorm party a winner. Grab yourself a vanilla or cake batter flavored vodka, a few bottles of Boone’s and you’re guaranteed to have a party you’ll never remember. You’ll have college girls throwing themselves at you to have another party and the fraternities will barely be a memory in their minds when you do it right the first time.

No Beer Pong, Flip Cup

Boring college girls like beer pong. Wild college girls like flip cup. Nothing makes girls happier than being able to play a drinking game all together, rather than watching a couple play while the others wait. When you allow everyone to play at once, you’re bound to find the college girls will flock to your dorm party and will love it every time they show up. You can pin the girls against the guys, or go co-ed if you’ve found some of the girls have already chosen their man. Either way, everyone is bound to have a good time and the girls can drink what they want.

Invite the Ugly Friends

Wild college girls are bound to have not so hot friends. Make sure to invite them as well, and the hotties are bound to show up. While you may not be attracted to her friends, she’ll go where they go. Leaving them out of the invite is a sure fire sign that the one you want is going to be a no-show.

Follow these cardinal rules of a college dorm party, and you’ll have the wildest girls waking up in your bed the very next morning.

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